God’s Brilliant Plan; 
Destroying the devil's stealth religion; Islam!
(w/o money, w/o bloodshed)
This essay is the synopsis of a genius plan of God. Actually, its a
remake of a spiritual fire-challenge that St. Francis of Assisi 
made during the Crusades www.originalchallenge.homestead.com
  (The reason the Almighty imparted this most sacred plan to me 
is because, as a full-time street missionary I walked in the footsteps 
of the early Franciscans-Christians, not while living in a confortable monastary, 
but while living homeless. 
> www.foolforGod.homestead.com

(Posted herein  www.geniusofGod.com 
you will be given more details. Also, there you will find  irrefutable proof that 
this plan is more that a brilliant idea. It came from the mind of God!)

{Finally, in the following brief essay you will find additional proof thru coincidences
(verifiable ones) that, indeed, the hand of God is here: www.coincidence-divine.homestead.com}

{Islamic tyranny towards devotees of other faiths will not be defeated thru spending trillions 
of dollars waging so many wars, or thru the untimely death of thousands of young soldiers.
   Their danger they pose to the rest of us is fueled by their heretical ideology; which paints all non-muslims
to be accursed infidels. Therefore, the cure requires that the Creator, who is the ultimate authority 
to to all divinely intervenes in a irrefutable way; proving His most important spiritual truths to the world
 (when He does this, simultaneously the worse of heresies will be exposed!)}

The fantastic news is the Almighty has transmitted a divine formula. 
If we do our part He has agreed to manifest an old-testament style miracle on the Cable News network that will have the effect to prove to all of humanity what are His most important spiritual truths! 
Our part: we must involve a huge multitude of righteous men, all prayerfasting 
(the Esther or Niveveh Fast), in one accord. 
His part: Manifesting  an old-testament style miracle on Cable News to prove His most important spiritual truths to all of humanity! 

All the details of this inspired plan are forthcoming. . .
This essay reveals God's preferred alternative to Armageddon! 
(Since Armageddon is written of in the Bible many devout Christians & Jews believe that that terrible war is unavoidable. 
But, that outcome is not written in stone. A later day prophecy, God's alternative path, came out of the Vineyard Church 
during the 1970s called Joel's Army. This plan is the fulfillment of that prophecy > www.joelsarmy.homestead.com)
Its God's desire that this alternative becomes a reality! 
He intends to launch this alternative by us re-creating a challenge to test by fire which religion is holier, that was 
made during the Crusades by the well-known Christian holy-man, St Francis of Assisi
 > www.originalchallenge.homestead.com
(this is a big part of the reason that the new Pope has prophetically named himself > Francis)

Our modern-day version of Francis's spiritual, Fire-Challenge will be expanded to include all 
religions. Additionally, the Almighty insists we extend an invitation to prayer-warriors from all 
monotheistic faiths to join with us in the prayerfast! 
      Picture the following: CNN & Fox News first heavily promoting, then covering. . .               

        'One representative from every monotheistic religion / ideology that proselytizes they are  
topmost among faiths (especially all variations of Christianity & Islam), all reps are invited to 
enter a bonfire together. 
     Since this event has already been heavily promoted on the cable news network worldover, 
immediately preceding this 'seemingly mass-suicidal act', all able-bodied, monotheistic believers
on the entire planet (one billion plus people), have already prayed/fasted, 3-days (no food or water; following a proven, God-inspired formula that nations in the past have utilized to magnify their peoples' petitions they brought before the King of Heaven, as all power is in His hands!) 
      This humongous multitude of believers will have performed this topmost of prayerfasts for
the same righteous intention, "For the purpose of God proving to all of humanity which ideology is 
the best reflection of His will for humanity. Asking the Lord to intercede in the flames to spare only one rep.

'The representative of the spiritual ideology that best
reflects God's most important truths & mercies'

This event will be one of the defining moments in all of human history!
God will honor this most sacred event thru fire plus thru the Death of Martyrs {the faiths that are proven sub-par, their reps. will perish in the flames. Nevertheless, the Lord has agreed to bless these zealous souls with martyrs' crowns, as they died for their faith. Obviously, the one rep who wins the challenge will convert the entire world to his ideology!
Thus, all the contestants win! Nobody loses!! (That sounds like God to me!!!)}
{The only ones who stand to lose are the control freaks & satan, as these ones capitalize on power- tripping & deception}

(Additionally, we will request that all countries send reps to eye-witness this event to prove its 
authenticity. Thus, making the results of the Spiritual Fire-Event forever-irrefutable!)

All religions that I am knowledgable about have truths mixed with some lies (some are far worse offenders than others).These lies & misinterpretations are the cause of all the problems! 
(For example, Islam contains some sacredness, as does all the other world-wide religions. 
But, it also contains a number of awful heresies! These heresies birth terrorists; causing great harm to believers from other faiths.  Islam's negative & erroneous view of other faiths is the greatest danger facing the world today! 
The egocentrism of Islam will be the most important casualty of this sacred-event. 
When their reps burn this will break the back of Islam!
All of humanity will now learn what are God's most important spiritual truths & mercies! Since, now the entire 
world will be adhering to the same spiritual ideology this will signal the end of all religious based wars!
         This will launch the Messianic Age!!!

Do ya think God might answer the prayer/fast of one billion believers?
(especially, since this prayer/fast, fire-challenge was entirely His idea to begin with?!)

Again, to allay any doubts that this plan came from the Divine I encourage you to read the complete version. 
In this version I reveal the back-round information; how this expanded & spiced-up  version of Francis's original
spiritual, Fire-Challenge came into existence. Complete version > www.geniusofGod.com

On another note, a couple of months after the Almighty imparted the remake plan of the St. Francis spiritual fire 
challenge, throughout the day He would often draw my attention  to that wonderful "Gift from Above' 
> the three-day dry fast. Soon thereafter, He imparted a New Mercy, a New Thing of God!!! 
If 330-million righteous people do the three-day dry-fast in one accord, for God to prove any 
particular crucial spiritual truth to the world  (for example: Is Jesus the world Messiah), God will 
answer by fire thru consuming a prepared offering, just as He did for Elijah when the prophet 
faced off with the false prophets of baal! Actually, God would do this for under 1 million fasters. But, in our world 
of 7 billion people with the technology of mass-media, for us to get 330 million to endure this is not asking too much from humanity. Otherwise, we fall into the peril of cheapening His divine intervention. Additionally, 33 is the number that represents Jesus! (using the above simple format God is willing to unravel all idealogical quagmires that has been causing friction & bloodshed  between different religions for centuries!)

A major reason that I copyright these plans is because its essential that I get recognized by the church, not for vanity's sake, but because I possess more priceless end-time plans of heaven the Lord wants implemented!)
By Daniel Rosenblit, email: newthingofGod@live.com
Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved
A major reason that I have copyrighted these plans is not for vanity's sake. Rather, its because i need to get recognized as I have more plans than this one to impart.

(Beware: A local newspaper named newtimes did a terrible slanderous  article on me. The reporter never even met me in person, he only conducted a couple
 brief phone interviews. He only knew I drove a gaudy-lettered truck because I drove it to their office when seeking an interview. Their writer used a combination 
of honest quotes, many half-truths, and some outright lies to make me look like a buffoon! My rebuttal to that slanderous article > www.danielrosenblit.com)